Sumner 780324 Fit Kit, 2 - 6" Tool Kit - Model FK2-6

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• Each Fit Kit 2 - 6" contains: 2 - 6" Ultra Clamp (PN 781150) 2 - 6" Ultra Fit (PN 781275) 4 - 8" Internal Fit Up Clamp (PN 784102) Set of carbon steel flange pins (PN 780430) Quad level (PN 781946) Weldbox 2008 for storage (PN 779910)

• The professional pipe fitter's welding clamp kit
• Fit Kit 2 - 6" The Sumner Ultra Clamp will make your work more efficient on all of your pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fitting and pipe-to-flange fit-ups
• The Ultra Fit will assist you in those difficult fitting-to-fitting and fitting-to-flange fit-up situations
• Aided by the robust acme thread, each set of Sumner flange pins will make two-holing a breeze
• Sumner even includes the Professional Level which has one of the strongest magnets found and will give you that "third hand" in making a level fit-up

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