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Exploring the Features of The Sumner Roust A Bout: A Comprehensive Overview

Today, we're diving into the world of Sumner Roust A Bouts in a comprehensive overview. We'll explore the features, specifications, and differences among the 100, 150, 180, and 250 models.

Whether you're tackling construction projects, working in manufacturing, or handling heavy loads in an industrial setting, we've got you covered with all the information you need to choose the perfect Roust A Bout for your lifting needs.

Check out this informative video to see how this lift works.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and explore the impressive power and versatility of the Sumner Roust A Bouts, proudly manufactured in America.

Let's find the best fit for your material handling tasks.

What is a Roustabout?

The Sumner Roustabout is a remarkable device that empowers an individual to function like an entire crew, effortlessly maneuvering and elevating pipes, ductwork, and I-beams even in confined spaces.

This versatile and portable material handling equipment finds application across diverse industries, effectively lifting and transporting heavy loads, primarily focusing on pipes, beams, and other materials.

It is designed to provide a safe and efficient solution for rigging, installation, and positioning tasks. Sumner Roustabouts, which are proudly Made In America, typically have adjustable height features, allowing users to fine-tune the lift height as needed for precise handling.

These devices are widely used in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, and other industrial settings to simplify and streamline lifting operations.

The primary functions of a Roust-A-Bout include:

  • Lifting: A Roust-A-Bout can lift heavy loads, such as pipes, beams, and equipment, to the desired height for installation or transportation.
  • Moving: It can move heavy loads horizontally, allowing for precise positioning and easy maneuverability within the work site.
  • Rigging: Roust-A-Bouts are commonly used for rigging tasks, such as lifting loads onto elevated surfaces or scaffolding.
  • Versatility: With adjustable height features and various attachments, Roust-A-Bouts can adapt to different load sizes and configurations

Examples of Roust-A-Bout applications include:

  • Lifting and installing pipes or beams during construction projects.
  • Positioning heavy equipment or machinery in manufacturing facilities.
  • Rigging loads onto rooftops or elevated platforms.
  • Moving and positioning materials during maintenance tasks in industrial settings.
  • Handling heavy loads during pipe installation in plumbing or HVAC projects.

Efficiency at Its Best: How the Roust-A-Bout Handles Tough Jobs

  1. The Roust-A-Bout is specially designed to operate in tight and hard-to-reach areas, making it suitable for spaces where other lifts may not fit.
  2. When paired with Sumner's Adjust-A-Fit, the Roust-A-Bout can easily maneuver awkward objects, allowing for convenient placement.
  3. With its unique design, the Roust-A-Bout enables loads to be lowered below floor level, providing added flexibility in material handling tasks.
  4. The Roust-A-Bout empowers a single operator to position objects weighing up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) with remarkable precision at heights of up to 25 feet, offering unparalleled accuracy and control in lifting operations.

The Sumner Adjust-A-Fit is designed for one-man operations, making fitting alignment trouble-free. It utilizes gravity to align fittings up to 45 degrees easily and can handle loads of up to 1,000 lb (450 Kg). The hardened threaded shaft assembly ensures long tool life, while the cloverleaf setscrew and threaded shaft handle provide flexibility for working from either side.

Overall, Roust-A-Bouts provide a safe and efficient solution for handling heavy materials, improving productivity, and reducing the risk of manual lifting injuries in industrial and construction environments.

Precision in Selection: How to Choose the Right Roust-A-Bout

Choosing the right Sumner Roust-a-bout requires careful consideration of specific project needs and requirements. Start by assessing the maximum weight capacity needed to lift and move the loads commonly encountered in your industry.

Next, determine the height range required to handle materials at different elevations. Consider the working environment, including whether the Roustabout will be used indoors or outdoors on uneven surfaces.

Additionally, look for features like adjustable legs or wheels for enhanced mobility and easy transportation. Consider the attachment options available, such as vee heads or roller heads, to ensure compatibility with the materials you handle.

By understanding your lifting needs and matching them with the capabilities of various Sumner Roust-a-bout models, you can confidently choose the ideal solution for efficient and safe material handling in your workplace.

Specifications and Features Overview For All Roust-A-Bouts


  • Lifts 1,500 pounds (680 kg)
  • 8" Casters for horizontal movement
  • 2 Winches for vertical adjustments: operate load and mast elevation separately
  • 2-speed load winch
  • Infinite load height adjustment
  • Ideal for the job site or shop


  • Base Dimensions: 40" x 40" (See Sumner 780300 for smaller base that can fit standard doorways)

Check out each Roust-A-Bout Option below and their differences.

Sumner Roust-A-Bout R-100

The key difference with the Sumner R-100 Roust-A-Bout is its narrow base and 15' lift height, providing efficient lifting capabilities in tight or confined spaces.


  • Narrow Base
  • 15' Lift Height

Sumner Roust-A-Bout R-150

The key difference with the Sumner R-150 Roust-A-Bout is its wide base and 15' lift height, providing excellent stability and a higher lifting capacity.


  • Wide Base
  • 15' Lift Height

Sumner Roust-A-Bout R-180

The key difference with the Sumner R-180 Roust-A-Bout is its 18' lift height, providing extended reach for handling materials at elevated heights.


  • 18' Lift Height

Sumner Roust-A-Bout R-250

The key difference with the Sumner R-250 Roust-A-Bout is its 25' lift height, offering exceptional reach and lifting capabilities for handling materials at significant elevations.


  • 25' Lift Height

A One-Stop Solution: Eliminating the Need for Additional Equipment

The Sumner Roustabout stands out as a true one-stop solution for material handling needs, eliminating the requirement for other cumbersome equipment such as come-alongs, scaffolds, monorails, and swing booms.

This remarkable device's design and functionality are crafted to perform the tasks these individual pieces of equipment traditionally handle, all in one compact and portable package.

  1. No More Come-Along Hassles: With the Sumner Roustabout, the days of struggling with come-alongs to lift heavy loads are over. The device's powerful winch system and sturdy construction allow for effortless lifting and precise positioning of pipes, ductwork, and beams. This streamlines the workflow, saving valuable time and reducing physical strain on the operator.

  1. Bypassing the Need for Scaffolds: Setting up scaffolding can be time-consuming and complex. The Sumner Roustabout negates the necessity for scaffolds by enabling users to reach elevated spaces and tight locations without the need for additional structures. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for easily navigating obstacles and accessing confined areas.

  1. Monorails and Swing Booms No More: Traditional material handling methods often involve using monorails or swing booms, which may not be feasible in all work environments. The Sumner Roustabout offers a more practical alternative, providing lifting and moving capabilities without the limitations of fixed overhead systems. This flexibility makes it suitable for various job sites, both indoors and outdoors.

By eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment, the Sumner Roustabout streamlines operations and optimizes efficiency, making it a valuable asset in a wide range of industries.

Its all-in-one functionality simplifies tasks and enhances safety and productivity, allowing workers to focus on their core responsibilities without being encumbered by machinery.

Whether in construction, manufacturing, or maintenance, the Sumner Roustabout is an indispensable tool revolutionizing material handling practices.

Lift, Move, and Conquer

In conclusion, we've embarked on a comprehensive overview of the impressive features and specifications of Sumner Roust A Bouts. These versatile material-handling devices are designed to tackle tough jobs easily and quickly.

Whether operating in tight spaces, maneuvering awkward objects, or efficiently lowering loads below floor level, the Roust-A-Bout is an indispensable rigging, installation, and positioning tool.

The Roust-A-Bout's remarkable lifting capacity, adjustable height features, and various attachment options make it a valuable asset in construction, manufacturing, and industrial settings.

Made in America with superior engineering, these devices deliver power and flexibility to streamline lifting operations and improve productivity.

When choosing the right Roust-A-Bout, consider factors like maximum weight capacity, lift height, working environment, and attachment options to ensure it perfectly fits your material handling needs. With the Roust-A-Bout, you can efficiently handle tough jobs, boost efficiency, and reduce the risk of manual lifting injuries.

In summary, the Roust-A-Bout offers efficiency at its best, operating in tight spaces, maneuvering awkward objects, and providing unmatched precision in lifting operations.

Sumner Roust-A-Bout Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weight capacity and lifting height of Roust-A-Bouts?

  • Roust-A-Bouts typically have a capacity of 1,500 pounds (680 kg) and offer various lift heights, such as 15', 18', or 25', depending on the model.

Are Roust-A-Bouts suitable for use in confined spaces?

  • Yes, Roust-A-Bouts are designed to operate in tight areas, making them ideal for confined spaces where other lifting equipment may not fit.

Can Roust-A-Bouts be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting?

  • Yes, Roust-A-Bouts offer capabilities for both horizontal movement and vertical lifting, making them versatile for various lifting scenarios.

Are Roust-A-Bouts safe to use for lifting heavy loads?

  • Yes, Roust-A-Bouts are engineered with safety in mind, providing reliable lifting capabilities and minimizing the risk of manual lifting injuries.

Can the Sumner R-180 Roust-A-Bout be used for rigging tasks?

  • The R-180 Roust-A-Bout is commonly used for rigging loads onto elevated surfaces or scaffolding.

Is there a warranty available for Sumner Material Lifts?

For more information, please visit this link Terms of Service.

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