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Unlocking Success with Sumner Pipe Clamps: Your Complete Guide

Trying to repair essential pipework can be challenging when you don’t have the right tools. The frustration of struggling with adjustments and instability can cause major delays in job productivity.

Sumner Manufacturing is renowned for its innovation and reliability in producing pipe clamps. Their clamps are designed to accommodate different pipe sizes and materials, providing versatility and convenience in various projects.

Recognized for their quality, Sumner pipe clamps are pivotal in plumbing, construction, and HVAC industries, providing sturdy pipe support and accurate alignment.

Man wearing safety glasses using a Sumner pipe clamp

These pipe clamps from Sumner are meticulously engineered to offer exceptional grip on pipes while allowing flexibility for movement and expansion, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety across diverse tasks. Whether vertical or horizontal installations, Sumner's pipe clamps are efficient tools for quickly securing pipes, eliminating the need for traditional, time-consuming methods.

The Sumner Pipe Clamp Overview explores various models available, each tailored to accommodate different pipe sizes, materials, and specific requirements. With options ranging from compact designs suitable for tight spaces to variants resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, technicians can find the ideal pipe clamp for their projects.

These clamps are designed for practicality, ease of setup, and reliability, enhancing overall work efficiency and precision. From overhead installations to complex construction tasks, Sumner pipe clamps emerge as assets, ensuring secure and accurate pipe support across a broad spectrum of professional settings.

Ultra Clamp Model Features

Collection of ultra clamp sizes with specs

There are many similarities regarding pipe clamps; though each model has their differences, they have features in common.

Some key highlights of Sumner Ultra Fit, Ultra Qwik, and Ultra Fit Clamps include:

  • Fine Thread Adjustment: Besides rapid action, the clamp offers fine-tuned thread adjustment capabilities, ensuring precise fit-up in various applications.
  • Accurate Fit-Up: The clamp can accurately fit pipes ranging from 1" to 12" in diameter, catering to various pipe sizes commonly used in industrial applications.
  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of job site use, the ULTRA QWIK Clamp features a rugged frame that ensures durability and longevity.
  • Stainless Steel Alignment Screws: Including stainless steel alignment screws enhances the clamp's resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Repositionable Operating Handle: The operating handle of the clamp can be repositioned for close work, providing flexibility and ease of use in confined spaces.
  • Quick Fit-Up: Fine adjustment screws enable rapid fit-up, allowing professionals to complete tasks efficiently without compromising accuracy.
  • Lightweight Design: Engineered for overhead work, the lightweight design of the clamp minimizes user fatigue during extended periods of operation.
  • Available in Three Sizes: The Sumner ULTRA QWIK Clamp is in three sizes, catering to various pipe diameters and fit-up needs.

Sumner Ultra Clamps

Sumner clamp

In the pipe installation and maintenance world, precision and security are paramount.

Sumner Ultra Clamps are the start of our lineup and step in as indispensable tools that redefine how professionals approach their tasks. In this comprehensive overview, we'll delve into the essence of Sumner Ultra Clamps, exploring their role, features, and benefits in various industries.

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Sumner Ultra Clamps: Your Partners in Precision and Efficiency

Sumner clamp clamped onto an open pipe

The Sumner ULTRA Clamp is a fast, accurate fit-up tool for various pipe connection needs. Whether pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, or other fit-up requirements, these clamps are engineered to deliver unmatched accuracy and speed.

Unveiling the Potential of Sumner Ultra Clamps

Sumner Ultra Clamps aren't just tools; they're transformative solutions that enable professionals to elevate their pipe installation projects.

Whether dealing with delicate connections or heavy-duty applications, these clamps offer the accuracy, stability, and efficiency needed to excel in your field. From 1” to 12” pipe sizes, Sumner Ultra Clamps ensure a secure fit-up that enhances overall project quality.

Sumner Ultra Fit Clamps

The Sumner Ultra Fit Clamps emerge as the ultimate solution for pipe fit-ups that demand precision and efficiency.

Unveiling the Sumner Ultra Fit Clamps: A Fit-Up Tool That Sets New Standards

The Sumner ULTRA Fit Clamps are more than just tools; they are your partners in achieving unparalleled pipe fit-ups. Whether connecting pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, or tackling other challenges, these clamps redefine how professionals approach their tasks.

Empowering Excellence in Pipe Fit Clamps

Sumner Ultra Fit Clamps are not just fit-up tools; they are transformational solutions that elevate the quality of pipe installations.

Whether working with complex 90° fittings, striving for precision in your fit-ups, or looking to streamline your processes, these clamps empower professionals across diverse industries. With the ability to ensure secure and accurate fit-ups from 1” to 12” pipe sizes, Sumner Ultra Fit Clamps enhance project efficiency and quality.

Sumner Ultra Qwik Clamps

The Sumner ULTRA QWIK Clamp is a high-performance tool designed to streamline various pipe fit-up needs. This innovative clamp offers rapid action setting and precise thread adjustment through its convenient push-button design. The ULTRA QWIK Clamp provides a range of features that enhance accuracy and efficiency, ideal for pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fitting, and other fit-up requirements.

The Sumner ULTRA QWIK Clamp is valuable to any professional's toolkit, enhancing fit-up accuracy, speed, and convenience. Its advanced features and durable construction make it an indispensable tool for achieving precise and efficient fit-ups in pipe-related projects.

Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp

The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp is a reliable companion for securing pipes in Vee Head Jack Stands.

Unveiling the Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp: A Solution for Quick, Secure Pipe Holding

The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp is a game-changer for securely holding pipes in Vee Head Jack Stands. Designed to make your pipework easier and safer, this clamp boasts a range of features that ensure optimal pipe security.

Some key highlights of the Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp include

  • The threaded mechanism facilitates positive pipe gripping onto the vee head.
  • Quick release button that enables rapid opening and closing of clamp arms, streamlining your workflow
  • Rugged steel frame that ensures the clamp's durability for years of reliable use
  • Versatility to grip pipes ranging from 3/4" to 6" (20 - 152mm) or tubing from 1" to 6-1/2" (25 - 165mm)
  • Ideal for securing pipe layout work, contributing to accurate and efficient project execution


The Hold-E Pipe Clamp is designed specifically for clamping purposes and should not be used for threading or lifting tasks

Achieving Optimal Pipe Security with Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp

The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp offers more than just a secure hold; it provides peace of mind. Its design emphasizes quickness, ease of use, and safety, making it an indispensable tool for professionals who need to position pipes securely during layout work. This clamp's ability to grip various pipe sizes ensures adaptability across multiple projects and applications.

Other Popular Clamps

In addition to the Ultra Clamps, Ultra Fit Clamps, and Hold-E Pipe Clamps, Sumner Manufacturing offers many other popular clamps that cater to specific needs and applications.

Adjust-A-Fit Clamp

The Adjust-a-Fit ensures effortless alignment of fittings, simplifying the process into a one-person operation.

Adjust-A-Fit Features:

  • It makes lining up fittings trouble-free, one-person operation
  • uses gravity to align fittings for loads up to 45°
  • Fastens directly onto fittings for loads up to 1,000 lb (450 kg)
  • The threaded shaft assembly is hardened for long tool life
  • Cloverleaf setscrew and threaded shaft handle work from either side

Rotary Ground Clamp

If you're having problems with tangled ground leads, the Rotary Ground Clamp is the go-to solution.

Rotary Ground Clamp Features:

  • Rotary head turns with the pipe – puts an end to ground lead twist, tangle, and wear
  • Provides quick, positive ground for roll-out welding of pipe and fittings – eliminates weld pinholes caused by poor grounding.
  • Attaches and detaches in seconds
  • It makes up ground leads three ways – lug, clamp-on, and bare cable
  • Positive anti-arc bearings take loads up to 400 amps

Drop Forged DX Pipe Clamps

A Drop Forged DX Pipe Clamp secures and stabilizes pipes during various applications, ensuring they remain in the desired position for welding, threading, or other construction activities.

Drop Forged DX Pipe Clamp Features:

  • Tough enough to handle any use or abuse
  • Five models cover a 1-14" / 25-350 mm pipe range
  • Adjustment screws offer hardened steel ball contact with the pipe

STD Clamp Champ Kit

Features of the STD Clamp Champ Kit Pipe Clamp:

  • Knurled adjustment for gloved hands and precise leveling.
  • Leveling and supporting device that quickly and accurately sets the gap.
  • Drop forged handle and wing nuts designed for rough field use and easy adjustment with gloved hands.
  • All parts are plated to resist rust.
  • High tensile strength chain with a black oxide finish.
  • Flared jack bars are easy to add or remove to accommodate a wide range of pipe diameters.
  • Jack bar screw allows the welder to square and space the fit-up easily.
  • Lightweight Construction: Engineered for strength without weight.

Sumner Pipe Clamps: Crafting Connections, Ensuring Excellence

The comprehensive Sumner Pipe Clamp Overview navigates you through their advanced solutions, delivering stability and precision across plumbing, construction, and HVAC industries.

Sumner's meticulously engineered clamps revolutionize traditional methods, from securing pipes in both vertical and horizontal orientations to accommodating various sizes and materials. With diverse models tailored for specific needs, these clamps enhance work efficiency and reliability, whether in overhead installations or intricate construction tasks.

Sumner pipe clamps empower professionals to embrace project accuracy and speed, sparing them from traditional time-consuming approaches.

Whether you're a plumber, an HVAC expert, or a construction pro, these clamps offer more than just stability; they bring innovation, efficiency and guarantee of successful outcomes to every project.

Sumner Pipe Clamp Frequently Asked Questions:

What are pipe clamps used for?

  • Pipe clamps serve as reliable supports for vertically and horizontally suspended pipes. It's important not to conflate them with pipe fasteners designed to connect two pipes. The primary function of pipe clamps is to provide a secure grip on pipes while also accommodating movement and expansion to ensure optimal performance for the intended application.

What is the difference between a pipe clip and a pipe clamp?

  • These are essentially the same thing, just different names.

Are Pipe Clamps worth it?

  • Pipe clamps are worth the investment because they can securely hold pipes in place, ensuring precise and safe work during various tasks. They offer increased efficiency, safety, and professional results, making them essential tools for professionals.

Are Sumner pipe clamps adjustable for different pipe sizes?

  • Most Sumner pipe clamps are adjustable to accommodate various pipe sizes. This adaptability makes them versatile tools for projects without requiring multiple specialized clamps.

Can I use Sumner pipe clamps for plastic pipes?

  • Sumner pipe clamps are primarily designed for metal pipes. Using them on plastic pipes may not provide the same level of grip and stability.